A homegrown event with a National impact…and lots of Newton shoes

The Newton sponsored Freedom’s Run (www.freedomsrun.org) was a huge success in only its second year.  The event was actually 5 all in a day.  3 of the events sold out in it is now the largest event in the state of West Virginia by a large margin.  The highlight of the day was 400 children in a free one mile kids fun run. (picture of start)

The race headquarters is the newly opened Two rivers Treads Center for Natural Running and Walking (www.trtreads.org) , the first store in the country to abandon traditional elevated heel shoes.  It was easily noticed that flat shoes were not the exception, but the norm in this event.  Newton runner Mark Cucuzzella MD is the event’s co-founder and director. 

The event drew runners from 42 states. The event goes through 4 National Parks and is

being looked on as a National model for engaging the National Parks in Health .  They are featured at minute 5 in this brief video of “Park Prescriptions”, part of the large initiative America’s Great Outdoors. http://www.parksconservancy.org/our-work/igg/events/park-prescriptions.html

Newton Tech Rep Jacob Edwards commented after the event “This is an event I hope we continue to partner with. Shepherdstown is a community that has supported the Newton brand like nothing I have seen. You ca not run down the C&O Towpath, walk around a street corner or sit in a coffee shop without seeing the Newton shoe. The community is a perfect example that if you bring passion and knowledge with the brand there is no limitations for our company.”

Mark ads “we are greatly appreciative of Newton’s support of this growing event.  Tom Curran and Newton believe in the mission of our event which is to build trails and gardens at local schools.  He and Newton have supported this event generously in our inaugural  year and again this year.  We cannot thank Newton enough for helping this small all volunteer race have the quality of largely funded urban events.”

The half marathon through the hilly Antietam National Battlefield was won by Newton Athlete David Hyrvniak. Two Rivers Treads Employee ran a strong 3:04 in this difficult marathon and feels the effects of the day (pictured on the turf). Lots of great stories and blogs on their homepage (www.freedomsrun.org ).

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