My Barefoot Work Shoes One Year Old

Here sits my best teaching tool for proper foot function….a Vivo Barefoot shoe for work.  We all tend to focus on what we do in the hour a day we exercise but forget the rest of the day.  A year ago I was curious about these shoes and got a pair before Christmas.  This is a leather Lesotho. I had been wearing Earth shoes and thought they were comfortable…but after 2 weeks in these I honestly could not put anything else on my feet for a 10-12 hour day of walking in a hospital or clinic.  The immediate ah-ha was that I felt the ground and it truly gave me strength and energy.  All the upstream muscles knew what  to do by having the communication with the ground.  My feet and arches became stronger and the running became easier.  Being flat on the ground  balanced my posture.  A year later I still cannot bear to part with them and they still look pretty good with some polish.  The soles are a thin Kevlar type material so nothing wears out.  There is no foam to compress.  Do the 2 week acid test with these shoes.  You’ll be donating the rest of your collection quickly. 


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