Dashing Through the Snow…and laughing all the way



One of the greatest pleasures in winter is going outside and touching the snow in a “gear free” state.  This picture is from a snow shoe and XC ski path at Copper Mountain Colorado. With a perfect pair of flat and thin soled winter running shoes like the EVO 2 one does not need the burden of heavy snow shoes.  As I float past the gear heavy hikers they look in disbelief that moving in the snow can be effortless.

A few simple technique pointers:

  • Land soft and light….like running on sand
  • Allow natural hip extension and recoil (see picture)
  • Do not strike the ground with either the forefoot or heel…simply let your  foot swing forward and gently land underneath you.
  • Dress comfortable and carry water…easy to dehydrate in high altitude.
  • Wear shoes with flat sole allowing full ground interface (like the EVO 2- warmer variety of EVO)

Why is the foot’s communication with the ground so fun in the snow….read this rated “R” piece (parental discretion advised)




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