My First Barefoot Run of the Spring

Last week saw some warmth and sun….and finally I could take the first running steps without shoes.  My feet were a little tender so stayed on a soft grass surface.  Carried my extremely light Kigo Edge shoes so I could switch in and out of them as my feet allowed.  Total barefoot miles last week…10 of 70.  The goal this year is to  be doing at least 25% of my runs barefoot on all surfaces.

The feet take time to adapt…have patience and enjoy the feeling of the earth beneath your feet. The picture above was taken on the run with my Blackberry.  I use Correct Toes to keep my crooked first toes in the correct position so I spring off my foot the way it was designed to be used.  Correct toes are an invention of barefoot podiatry guru Dr. Ray McClanahan of Portland Oregon. They are available at our store. see his video and chapter 6 of our “footwear education”.

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One Response to My First Barefoot Run of the Spring

  1. Rachelle says:

    Thanks, Mark!
    We’re so glad that your kigo edge shoes could be on call.
    Happy running!

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