Think you know your show size….maybe not.

Here is a post I shared with  The majority of runners do not size their shoes properly.  enjoy.

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Plantar Fasciitis…the solution

Here is a link to a blog i posted on  A site for all things minimalist.  Read and fix the plantar fascia problem forever by strengthening the foot….not bracing it.

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A Baby’s Feet….Perfect

Welcome Seneca Lee Biola.  Seneca is the new son of WV runners Johanna Biola and Scott Biola .  Johanna ran for WVU in college and Scott coaches the state champ Jefferson HS XC and Track teams. 

Notice the shape of the foot with toes spread out and widest at the ends.  If there is an argument about how a foot (and shoe) should be shaped…this picture answers it.  congrats Johanna and Scott!

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Three Shoes Shaped like a Foot

From Left to Right

NB Minimus Trail (coming March 2011), Terra Plane EVO (avail now), Altra Adam (coming June 2011)

These 3 shoe lasts are great examples of how a shoe should be shaped…like your foot when you were a kid.  Wide toe box that allows your first toe to be straight and not pointed in to the middle.

We look forward to carrying the innovative New Balance Minimus Trail and Altra Adam when they become available this spring.  The Terra Plana Evo is available now.  The other critical important feature of these shoes is that they are all thin, flexible, and flat on the ground, allowing your foor to behave like a foot. See our guide to proper size on our main website.

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The Grinch In Newton’s …Only in Shepherdstown

The Grinch hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season!

Now, please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason.

It could be his head wasn’t screwed on just right.

It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight.

This grinch looks happy with the new shoes which are not too tight.  Happy and Healthy New Year.

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Fun in the Snow- Kigo’s and Brooks Track Spikes

Brooks Mach 11 Spikes after a fun jaunt on the ice





Kigo’s – perfect for the soft powder. 4oz shoe with thin rubber sole and neoprene upper




Fresh Tracks on the C & O in Kigo’s





The Kigo Edge and Track Spike are great in the snow and ice because they are flat to the ground giving full foot feel.  Land under your center of mass with short quick steps.  You will not fall. Trust me….I’m a doctor 🙂

Tips for Winter Running


Winter running is one of the most enjoyable and serene experiences for the senses.  On some days you may be one of the few outside and there is a mystical silence.  This is even better after a fresh snow fall when you cannot even hear your footsteps.

Now if we followed the advice of many modern parents we might never run outside….”it is too cold, it is too hot, it is too wet, it is too windy, it might rain, it is slushy out, its getting dark”….so there is always the treadmill.

But if you want to get out and stay out here are some time tested tips from some of the gurus and experimented on by myself and others for decades.  I Spent 2 months one winter in Nome, Alaska and ran almost everyday on the Iditarod trail.  Had a little peep hole to see through but as long as I started into the wind, all was warm and well.  My friend Ben Bolock (2nd place 2009 Freedom’s Run Marathon) just moved to Alaska and has been running 2 miles to and from work using the layer approach.

Best old school advice comes from guru Running author Dr. George Sheehan (written circa 1980). He mentions that exercise physiologists determined that wearing clothes suitable for 70 ° is acceptable clothing for -5° (F) while running. Dr. Sheehan also mentioned wool mittens over gloves and layers. He also swore by turtlenecks to keep the neck arteries warm and he wore an asthma mask.  This was before the nice tech fibers, synthetic wools, and even Gore Tex. George ran a 4:47 mile at age 50 over 30 years ago so he knew what he was doing.

So here is the top 10 list of essentials for winter running

  1. The right attitude for winter running….once you get moving you will be warm. 
  2. A good upper body wicking baselayer.  If less than 20° use a turtleneck or zip turtle neck. 
  3. Add a windbreaker on top and if less than 10° consider another nylon vest.  This does not have to be expensive Gore-Tex.  My favorites are over 10 years old and have been through the wash 100’s of times.
  4. Tech fiber running pants  are comfortable from 0° up to 60°.  These are loose fitting so you can feel comfortable finishing your run at a coffee shop without being too revealing
  5. Use compression shorts (bike shorts) under the running pants.
  6. For men if you are in the true arctic zone consider a wind brief….enough said.
  7. Vaseline for the face if 0° range
  8. A particle mask (Home Depot variety) works great to warm and humidify the air for comfort (no your lungs will not freeze without this).  Get a higher quality one that will not collapse against your face.
  9. Synthetic socks or good quality wool for really cold days.
  10. Good quality thermal or wool cap (with non wool lining for itch protection) and mittens.

The extra performance and safety tip is to drill some sheet metal screws into an old pair of running shoes, use track spikes, or try Yaktrax

Snow and ice running are great opportunities to work on your running form too.  You are forced to keep your feet under you (no overstriding), shorten your stride, stay balanced, and put your foot down and pick it up (avoiding friction). A prefect practice ground for ChiRunning, a technique for teaching better running mechanics.

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My Barefoot Work Shoes One Year Old

Here sits my best teaching tool for proper foot function….a Vivo Barefoot shoe for work.  We all tend to focus on what we do in the hour a day we exercise but forget the rest of the day.  A year ago I was curious about these shoes and got a pair before Christmas.  This is a leather Lesotho. I had been wearing Earth shoes and thought they were comfortable…but after 2 weeks in these I honestly could not put anything else on my feet for a 10-12 hour day of walking in a hospital or clinic.  The immediate ah-ha was that I felt the ground and it truly gave me strength and energy.  All the upstream muscles knew what  to do by having the communication with the ground.  My feet and arches became stronger and the running became easier.  Being flat on the ground  balanced my posture.  A year later I still cannot bear to part with them and they still look pretty good with some polish.  The soles are a thin Kevlar type material so nothing wears out.  There is no foam to compress.  Do the 2 week acid test with these shoes.  You’ll be donating the rest of your collection quickly. 


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